Always Never List


These days I read a lot of books, journals, blog posts & blog articles related to Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, & Buddhism to enhance & upgrade the horizon of my knowledge related to these fields. This list shall very soon include some of my other favorite fields of study – politics, spiritualism & psychology. As I mentioned above, these days I read a lot from different sources, blog articles has also been one of my favorite source of study (after printed books). One of the blog that I frequently read & follow is CAREEREALISM. This blog deals with the issues related to career and ways to enhance it. Therefore, this has been one of my favorite read. I shall also write about other blogs that I follow in my up coming articles.

In this issue of the article, I shall deal about the blog article, which I recently read on CAREEREALISM. The article is titled “Why You Should Create A Weekly Planning Process”. I shall not go in detail about the content of this article because I have no intention to review or summarize this article. However, I shall briefly explain the content of the article in next paragraph. But what I actually intend is to write and present MY ALWAYS & NEVER LIST itself. The list that shall constantly remind me about what I shall do & what I shall not do in my life. This list may be revised according to need & demand of the time & situation.

In the article “Why You Should Create A Weekly Planning Process”, the author uses the ALWAYS & NEVER LIST to create the plan for the week. ALWAYS LIST is the one you would always follow or do whereas NEVER LIST is the one you would never do it or follow it. The author of this article has borrowed the idea of NEVER LIST from one of his favorite authors & speakers, Cheryl Richardson, who offers the idea of “the Absolute No List” in her book, The Art of Extreme Self-Care. I hope to read this book very soon.

Anyways, here’s MY ALWAYS & NEVER LIST which I shall follow strictly from now onwards.


I will always…

  1. Get up at most by 5: 00 a.m. in morning & exercise on regular basis.
  2. Meditate & read Panchasila.
  3. Be passionate about Human Resource Management, Organizational Management, Strategic Management, Politics, Psychology, Buddhism, Spiritualism, etc. & develop in these fields.
  4. Study at least two books related to any of the above-mentioned field every quarter.
  5. Write at least an article on any topics related to Human Resource Management, Organizational Management, Strategic Management, Politics, Psychology, Buddhism, Philosophy, Spiritualism every fortnight & strictly follow my Writing/Study Calendar.
  6. Develop/boost up confidence & positivity in me.
  7. Enhance public speaking skill.
  8. Develop & improve my soft skills – communication, team building, leadership, counseling, motivational skills, etc.
  9. Be sincere to my words & maintain strict discipline in myself.
  10. Be man of action & not man of words.
  11. Seek opportunities to grow & develop myself.
  12. Cut unnecessary expenses & save money.


I will never…

  1. Spent my money in unnecessary activities.
  2. Involve in sexual misconduct.
  3. Eat & drink unhealthy food/drinks.
  4. Watch unnecessary television programs.
  5. Be pessimist & let negative thoughts & feelings control myself.
  6. Participate in or be a part of gossiping/back biting.