My Path to Success

Success! This seven-letter word has significant importance in everybody’s life, be it a student, an employee, an employer, a company and so on. Without success our life has no meaning and we feel we are useless. However, success is not easy to attain. We need to be sincere, work hard and keep trying continuously to improve ourselves in the field of our choice.

Many people think that success is a destination where they want to reach and once they reach there they are content and satisfied. However, there are also people who believe that success is not a destination but a journey, which a person has to travel till the end of the life.

People usually wonder about to how to achieve success in their life. They try out different things, go through various self-help books written by some great authors, seek the advice from counselors, seek guidance of seniors and mentor. However, people do not think of their own way to achieve success in their life.  Every human being is unique and what works for one may not work for the other. Therefore, people must make the habit to formulate the list/strategy for them and figure out what works best. Recently, I have also formulated my strategies/list to achieve success (which I think will suit me best). I have twenty different points in my list and I think if follow it seriously the rest shall be history.

So, here is the list of:


  1. Wake Up Early in the Morning (Be an Early Bird).
  2. Exercise is the Best Option for Healthy Life (Be a Health Freak).
  3. Know Your Spiritual Self (Meditation is the Best Option).
  4. Stay Positive, Be Optimistic (Path is Weary & Long but Fruitful & Worthy).
  5. Attitude, Behavior, Character & Determination (ABCD of Success).
  6. Be Calm & Steady (Know the Difference between River & Ocean).
  7. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish (Never Stop Learning in Your Life).
  8. Be an avid Reader (Cheapest & Easiest way for World Tour & to make Your Mind Broad).
  9. Always be down to the Earth & Bow Your Head (Look at the Branches of Trees Full with Fruits).
  10. Use Your Brain before you run after Bullshit (You have the Common Sense).
  11. Enjoy Your Life (Yes, Life is Beautiful)
  12. Live Every Day as though it’s the Last Day of Your Life (Add Life to Days, Not Days to Life).
  13. Praise Yourself & Celebrate Your Victory (You need to Motivate Yourself, not Someone Else).
  14. Laugh & Make Others Laugh with You (Develop a Good Sense of Humor).
  15. Build Strong Relationship with Loved Ones (Trust is the Key to Unlock it).
  16. Fail, Fail, Fail. Again & Again. But Never Lose Your Hope & Try, Try, Try until You Die (Remember Failure is the stepping Stone for Success).
  17. Believe in Luck but have Faith in Yourself & Keep Up the Hard Work (Success is 90% Hard Work & 10 % Luck).
  18. Feed Your Brain with Positive Thoughts & the Result is Positive Self (Human Brain is a System: Input, Process & Output).
  19. Always Ask the Right Questions (You will have the Right Answers).
  20. Pursue Your Dreams with Utmost Hope (Believe in Yourself & Keep Working Hard)