Gender Discrimination


Gender discrimination means to discriminate people according to their sex i.e. as male and female, as a boy or a girl, as man or woman, as a son or a daughter and so on. Gender discrimination is the virus that is slowly destroying the world. If this is not removed from the world as soon as possible this world will lose glory in its near future. The system of gender discrimination has been practiced by so-called human beings, not only today but from a very longer period of time. Human beings are considered superior of all the other living beings, but why do the people living in this societies practices this inhumane system when so called inferior living beings (animals) do not follow it? This is the query that has not been solved till today and may be it will not be solved for centuries. It’s basically seen in every society in every societies, be it Nepalese, Indian, American and so on, gender discrimination still exists and as a result of that females are discriminated, isolated and humiliated as it was done in the past.

Judy Brady has pointed out the reasons in her essay “I Want a Wife”, as to why she wanted a wife. She has provided numerous reasons for this – her wife will look after the children, care about their health, give proper love and care to them, do all the household works, prepare breakfast, meal and dinner for children and family, and so on and so forth. In true sense, females are only entitled for the above-mentioned works in this male dominated society. Males do not want to see the prosperity and welfare of females or say they cannot afford to see the female moving ahead of them. This may be due to the male ego, may be they are jealous about females doing better than they or may be simply because they do not have courage to see the progress made by the females.

The works done by females are not cared in almost any societies. Donna Smith-Yackel in her essay “My Mother Never Worked” describes how works done by her mother was dishonored. Her mother had worked for many years even though she was paralyzed below her waist. She ironed the clothes, made pillows and quilts, made balls and balls of rugs, but when her daughter asked for widow’s pension, the person refused to give the money saying, “Your mother never worked”. Females have contributed in every aspect of society, they are indeed contributing in every aspect and in near future also they will be contributing for the betterment of the society. However, hardly any of these contributions get noticed and even if they get noticed, the reasons behind them may be something very different.

When we look back into the histories of countries we see that it’s female who have suffered a lot. They were treated as a burden to the society, to the family and to the country itself. No one even bothered to know the wills and wishes of females. No one treated females as human beings. Males dominated females in every aspect. No female dared to raise her voice against this non-humanitarian act of gender discrimination. Females were deprived of education and made to work in the house. They were ill treated by the males of society. What sort of practice is this – where human beings are not treated as human beings?


In countries like Nepal, females were forced to go sati after the death of their husband. However, males did not need to follow the practice of sati when their wife died, instead they were allowed to marry another females. Females were not allowed to marry more than once but males have the freedom to marry as many times as they wish. Even though the sati system is practiced no more in Nepal females are forced to live widow life after the death of their husband irrespective of their age. When questioned why females cannot marry with other male and start a new life again, societies say that it’s against their religion and are forced to spend their life lonely looking after their children (if any). However, males are not forced for the same. The society permits them to marry other females after the death of their wife, no matter a male is twenty-five or seven-five years old. I have seen males who had married for more than three times. There is plenty of news about males who have married in their late sixties or early seventies. Series of questions strike in mind: Why females have to suffer and bear the pains and are made a victim of gender discrimination? Why do females only have to bow their heads in front of males? Why are females sexually abused and victimized?

It’s said that males and females are the two wheels of a chariot. They are two parts of a coin. People in our society know very well that one-wheeled chariot is of no any use. However, I do not understand why people try to pull the chariot of society in only one wheel – males and completely neglecting the other – females by practicing gender discrimination. How can people forget that beyond every successful male there is a female? If we look around, females are lagging behind in every aspects of life. In many undeveloped and under-developed countries, male children are given higher preferences over the female. They think that female children are burden for them. In some cases, the will to have a male child is so strong that after having half a dozen of female children the parents are hoping to have a male child. In many cases, mother who do not give birth to a male child are treated so cruel that this author do not have the guts to describe the level of cruelty. This is all nothing but the result of gender discrimination.

At last, female have suffered a lot from very longer period of time and they have been victimized by the so-called male dominated society. They are still fighting for their own identity and rights. In some developed countries, males and females are treated equally but this does not ensure that there is no gender discrimination in that particular country. Therefore, it is the duty of the society to teach male to respect female from the very childhood so that the males learn to give respect to the females and help them to achieve the success so that the society and as such the country and this whole world will be a better place to live for them.

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