Interview FAQs: What do they mean?

Recently, I have felt that many questions that are asked in the interviews are very predictable. Therefore, in this article, I have tried to uncover some of the basic FAQs asked in the interview and clarify the actual meaning of those questions.

  1. Tell us about your self or describe yourself

This is the first question that any interviewer will ask you as soon as you take your seat. Most of us answer this question as – I am Subodh Shakya and I live in New Road. I have done my Bachelors from Apex College & my Masters from Kathmandu Don Bosco Business School so on and so forth. But this is not the right way to answer this question. In actual sense, when an interviewer asks this question, the interviewer wants to know about following things:

  • Experience

Your work experience, what you have done in your previous job.

  • Skills

In this section, mention the skills, which you posses. These skills sound best when they are supported with the real life examples or when they are best related to the job you have applied for.

  • Career Objective

Career objective is basically what you want to become in your life and how you want to develop your career.

  • Education (Optional)

In context of your education, you can mention your latest education or one that is most relevant to the job.

For those who are fresher’s and do not have any experience, you can begin with your short intro and quickly jump into your skills. The real life examples can be added on the basis of project works you have done in your academic career and from the events that you have participated.

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

We all have some strengths and weaknesses within us. No one is perfect. Therefore, we should not hesitate to mention our strengths or be ashamed to mention our weaknesses. While you answer these questions the only thing you must keep in your mind is – your answer must be honest and sincere, and you must be able to express yourself. This is because many a time the interviewer is not interested on your strengths and weaknesses. But in the fact, how well you express them. It’s all about how you express them. Also, Interviewer just wants to check if you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses or not. However, always backup your strengths and weaknesses with relevant examples.

  1. What do you know about our company?

In this question, the interviewer actually wants to check whether or not, you have done adequate research about the organization in which you have applied. When you answer this question always remember to mention following points:

  • Date of Establishment
  • Founder Chair and CEO of the Organization
  • Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives of the Organization
  • Products of the Organization
  1. How long are you willing to stay with us?

This has become one of the most obvious questions asked in the interview by the interviewer. No one has established the organization to train the employees so that they go and serve their competitors after they have gained some experience. After all, the organizations are not training institutes. When any interviewer asks this question, they want your genuine commitment towards the organization at least for three years. Therefore, how you answer this question also ensures whether or not, you seal the deal. However, your answer should be such that it creates win-win situation for both.

  1. Why should we hire you?

When interviewer put forward this question, the interviewer wants to know how your presence will make a difference in the organization and what can you real do to create that difference.

When you answer this question, it is obvious that you should mention about the skills for which you think they should hire you. However, only mere mention of skills does not do the magic. You should also put forward the specific examples that clearly demonstrate your skills. Also, you must clearly tell how you think that your skills will help the organization to achieve the success.

However, you should bear one thing in your mind i.e. when you clarify about the skills, you should be aware about the skills you mentioned in the very first question.

  1. What is your future plan? Where do you see yourself 5 years down the road?

In these questions, the interviewer expects to check your level of confidence, reliability of your career objectives that you mentioned earlier in first question and most importantly about how you see yourself five years down the road or in near future to come. Therefore, the best answer is to clearly speak out your intention about where you see yourself five years down the road.

And if you do not intend to be in organization for certain period of time (given all your needs are fulfilled), then I suggest you better not attend the interview or even better do not apply for the job vacancy.

Last but not the least; bear following points in your mind, as you appear the interview:

  • Make your presentation as simple as possible and do not use hi-fi words.
  • Keep yourself calm i.e. do not try to rush through your answers.
  • Demonstrate your keen interest in the interview with active listening and participation.
  • Show the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the job.
  • Let them know that you are seriously willing to serve the organization.
  • Show that you are an enthusiast who is interested to learn new things and have the ability to apply them at the time of need.