Speak Your Mind

Humans are the superiors of all living beings because they have the ability to think, decide & convince. Every human brain is unique, and every one has equal chance to succeed. However, except for some few of us, most of us do not succeed in our life. We are not able to attain the success that we have dreamed of. Why??? Well, there could be different answer to this question. But, I personally think, the answer is very obvious. Those who, among us are successful people, they tend to speak out their mind very clearly and without any hesitation.

SPEAK YOUR MIND-1Every one of us is different and so are our thoughts. We have ideas & mindsets of our own. We have our personal judgments, value systems and views as well. The only difference is in the intensity of variance among our ideas, mindsets, judgments, value systems, and views among us. But anyways, we tend to share our ideas and views with each other. However, the ideas and views of only some of us gets easily accepted whereas many of us get rejected, or even if it’s accepted, we must put much greater efforts upon them.

The same old question, again. Why??? And, the same old answer, speak your mind clearly and without any hesitation.

History is the proof that humans like us, who have spoken their mind freely and without any hesitation in terms of actions, have become successful in any and every sectors of their life and have become able to achieve what they have dreamed of. In some cases, more than what they have dreamed of.

How was that possible? Surely, you must have thought about that. May be you must have also given numerous answers to these questions. But believe me, the answer is quite simple. Speak Your Mind.

Speak your mind, does not only mean to speak it verbally. You should speak out your mind in your actions i.e. to say your actions should speak about your views, your ideas and above all what you think inside your head. Speak your mind, in simple form, is better understood as you trying to implement your thoughts and ideas into actions. Even more, speak your mind is all about “Practice What You Preach.”

How was it possible for Lord Buddha to attain nirvana? How was it possible to free different countries from British Colony? How was it possible to establish democracy in Nepal? How was it possible to be great leaders of history? The list of questions never ends because there are so many success stories of different times that we have known and seen.

What’s the common thing among these success stories?

The only answer is, they all had their own sets of ideas and views and they were able to portray them in their actions. When they portrayed them in actions, lots of people recognized them and began to follow them, began to learn from them and began to idolize them. People supported them in whatever they did. And that’s how they succeeded. It would be right to mention that, “losers lead by words, winner leads by actions.”

This shows how important it is, to you to speak your mind to be successful in any sector of your life. You must be able to speak your mind through your action and convey your ideas and views through your deeds. It is very easy to speak verbally about what you think in your head, about your views and ideas. But it is damn difficult to actually depict it in your actions.

Therefore, speak your mind freely without any hesitation in your action and believe in yourself. You will obviously achieve success in your life despite what others think about you.


Photo Source: Google Image