What’s My Religion? What’s My Caste?

Religion! Caste! These words have created bondage among people but they have created a division as well. There are many religions in this world – Buddhism, Hinduism, Islamic, Christianity, etc. and caste system also prevails in some part of the world (mostly in India and Nepal). Religions, no matter which we follow, have separate philosophical belief but their ultimate destinations are the same – to be free from this materialistic world, only the terms used are different. There is one more common aspect in all these religious philosophy i.e. doing good for the mankind.

Hey! I am writing in these topics (religion and caste) but I am not a student of religion or philosophy or cultural studies. No. I am a student of management with Human Resource Management (HRM) as the field of specialization. The question then may arise in back of your head, if so, why are you writing on religion and caste? Well, the very obvious answer to this question is… actually there are two reasons for it.

  • I love to read and gain knowledge on these topics and how they shape the human behavior.
  • As a student of HRM, I must have the knowledge about them otherwise it will be difficult for me to manage workforce diversity in an organization.

However, my intentions to write this article is not to explain any religious theory or caste systems of any ethnic groups and nor do I intend to explain its linkage with HRM. In this article, I simply intend to put forward my views on what I think about religion and caste and what my religion and caste is.

In my view, the religions that prevail in this world, the one that our ancestors and we have been following is only a philosophical teaching of highly intellectual people and caste system is something, which some powerful people developed to divide and rule rest of the weak people. In reality, there is only one religion (HUMANITY) and two caste systems (MALE and FEMALE) in this world. Therefore, I personally believe all the violence and fight that occurs in the name of religions and caste systems should be stopped and the philosophies should be used for the overall benefit and development of the mankind. The color of our blood is RED, no matter, which religion or caste we may follow or belong to. Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar has beautifully mentioned, “Caste is a state of mind, it is a disease of the mind”.

Therefore, when anybody asks me about my religion and my caste, I usually reply them by saying, my religion is HUMANITY and my caste is MALE.

Stop violence in the name of religion and caste system. Let’s make this world a better place to live.