Employee Motivation. When anyone mentions about employee motivation, the first thing that strikes in our mind is: what is employee motivation? Why employee motivation? Many of us must have gone through all those theories of motivation given by great scholars. Many of us must have applied those theories in some context.

But believe me, in this article, I am not going to mention any of those theories. In fact, my childhood friend who is a business owner inspired this piece of article. He asked me a question, why should I motivate my employees, buddy? When he asked me this question I would have loved to give the answer then and there. But, first of all, I wanted to know what answer would he give to my question. So, I asked him, “Well, first of all, you tell me why you think you should not motivate your employees?”

He answered my question after taking some time to think. You see my friend, there are ample reasons so as to why I should not and do not want to motivate my employees.

  1. I pay them huge salary for the time and effort that they put on their work.
  2. I give them bonuses every year and that too well above the industry practice.
  3. I have given all the facilities that are required including housing, vehicle, mobile and laptop facilities to deserving ones.
  4. I sent them on vacation and tour every year and there are so many other benefits which I gave them.

What else would they want and why the hell should I motivate them? And given all these facilities, even then if they are not motivated, then do hell with them. This is my company I will run it as I want.

You see my friend, that’s where you make a mistake. Obviously, that’s your company and you have all the right to run the company the way you like. But what if all your employees are de-motivated and leave your company. But my friend, when I am paying them such humongous salaries with all those facilities why would they get de-motivated.

You are only talking about financial motivation, my friend. What about non-financial ones? Just because you pay the salaries, you give bonuses to your employees does not necessarily means that motivates them.

Do you allow them to participate in decision-making process or it’s you who makes all the decisions. It is my company dude. And therefore, it would obviously be my decisions. It’s a self-implied thing. Wouldn’t you do the same? I mean wouldn’t every one do the same? No, my friend. I wouldn’t do the same because this may be the major cause of de-motivation for the employees. I think those who understand the value of motivated employees would not do the same either.

But anyway, our main concern was “should employees be motivated?” I personally believe, a big YES. Yes, they should be motivated and I will tell you why.

  1. All your employees are human beings this is the very first reason so as to why you should motivate your employees.
  2. The mistake you have made is you think your employees are your greatest liabilities. But have you thought the other way round. Your employees can be your greatest assets. The one that none of your competitors have. If you want to make employees your greatest assets, that’s the reason why you should motivate them.
  3. Have you ever thought about how you will run your company without your employees? No, right. My friend, to retain the best employees in your company is the biggest challenge you shall ever face. And therefore, you should always motivate your employees. Otherwise, your competitors will get hold of them.
  4. Next, you may have latest technology, huge capital to invest and world’s best production facilities. So what? If you do not have motivated employees, what’s its use?
  5. As I said before, your motivated employees are your best assets. This is because they are the major source of competitive advantage for you. An advantage that none of your competitors can imitate.
  6. When employees are motivated, they think themselves to be the part of the company and deliver their 100 percent and work hard for the betterment of the company.

For these and many other reasons, I think your employees should be motivated time and again. Many of the successful businesses know this fact and continuously aspire to motivate their workforce. The founder chair of Virgin Company, Mr. Richard Branson has said, “I have always pushed Virgin Companies to walk the talk on that and ensure everybody feels part of the team.”  When do the employees feel part of the team? This reflects how important it is to have employees motivated.

You see buddy the value and advantage of motivated employees to a company is huge compared to any other things. Therefore, you should start to motivate your employees if you want your company to succeed, or else you know what the results will be.


Employees: Should they be motivated? Why?